With Amulet of Catspeak Edit

Kitten Edit

Without Amulet of Catspeak Edit

  • Player: Hey kitty. What's new?
  • Hell-kitten: Meow.

With Amulet of Catspeak Edit

  • Player: How are you doing?
    • Hell-kitten: Great, I'm ready to take on another of those pesky rats!
  • Player: How old are you now?
    • Hell-kitten: Still young and fresh, not like you at all.
    • Player: Careful cheeky. I don't want to have to trade you in for runes, now do I?
    • Hell-kitten: Hiss!
  • Player: Where do you want to go?
    • Hell-kitten: Lets go steal some things from stalls. I do enjoy watching stallholders panic!
  • Player: What do you want to do now?
    • Hell-kitten: I need to crunch something. Lets go ratting!

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