Before/After Goblin DiplomacyEdit

  • Conversation 1
    • Grubfoot: Grubfoot do this! Grubfoot do that! They always want different things and they never satisfied!
    • General Bentnoze: Shut up Grubfoot!
  • Conversation 2
    • Grubfoot: Don't talk to me!
    • Player: Why not?
    • Grubfoot: Me not allowed to talk. Generals will tell me to shut up whenever I talk.
    • General Wartface: Shut up Grubfoot!
  • Conversation 3
    • Grubfoot: Me wish me weren't so small. Other goblins all pick on me and make me do all hard work for generals.
    • General Bentnoze: Shut up Grubfoot!
  • Conversation 4
    • Grubfoot: Me wish generals wouldn't tell me to shut up.
    • Grubfoot: Sometimes they tell me to shut up when me not even say anything!
    • General Wartface: Shut up Grubfoot!
  • Conversation 5
    • Grubfoot: Me lonely.
    • Player: Why?
    • Grubfoot: Other goblins in village follow either General Wartface or General Bentnoze. Me try to follow both but then me get left out of both groups.
    • General Bentnoze: Shut up Grubfoot!

After Another Slice of H.A.M.Edit

After Land of the GoblinsEdit

After The Chosen CommanderEdit

  • Grubfoot: Hello, Player.
    • Player: How do you like it here?
      • Grubfoot: I very happy. Oldak not shout at me or tell me do stupid things. And he not care what colour clothes I wear.
    • Player: What are you doing here?
      • Grubfoot: I Oldak's assistant! At first I think it wrong for me to do magic, but then I think, maybe Big High War God want me to show magic to Dorgesh-goblins and that why he let me do it.
    • Player: What do you think about what Zanik and I did?
      • Grubfoot: Chosen Commander fulfil prophecy. She kill false Big High War God, so now goblins can worship real Big High War God. This means we have victory over world and live in peace. It spiritual victory.
        • Player: You're deluded.
          • Grubfoot: I not mind that you not believe. Oldak not believe either but that not matter, we still friends. Even Chosen Commander not believe, but Big High War God work through her anyway.
        • Player: Whatever works for you.
          • Grubfoot: Big High War God bless you.
        • Player: That's what I believe too.
          • Grubfoot: You true goblin in heart!
    • Player: Goodbye, Grubfoot.
      • Grubfoot: Goodbye, Player.

After The Mighty FallEdit

  • Sparing Zanik
    • Grubfoot: Was all good fun wasn't it? Seen old world of legend. Home of Big High War God! Pretty amazing.
    • Grubfoot: Stinks there though. Nice to come back to Dorgesh-city.
      • Player: How are you doing?
        • Grubfoot: Doing okay. Still not got hang of moving sphere. Work hard though.
      • Player: You didn't go with Zanik?
        • Grubfoot: No that crazy. Old world dangerous. I no think those goblins make it.
      • Player: Good bye.
  • Killing Zanik
    • Grubfoot: I know Zarador fool you with fancy words, but you mistaken about Big High War God. Him not want you to kill my friend Zanik.

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