• Conversation
    • Dog: Yipyip yip yap? (Where to now?)
    • Player: I haven't decided yet!
    • Dog: Yipyip! Yipyip! (Race you! Race you!)
    • Player: Alright, first one there wins!


  • Conversation 1
    • Dog: Whiiiiiiine. (Boring!)
    • Player: Well if you give me a moment we can move on.
    • Dog: Woofwoof. (We'd better.)
  • Conversation 2
    • Dog: Whinewhine. (Bored now.)
    • Player: Want me to dance for your entertainment or something?
    • Dog: Woof! (That would help!)
    • Player: That's so not happening!
    • Dog: Whiiiine. (Awwwww.)
  • Conversation 3
    • Dog: Woofwoof! (Hurry up, slowpoke!)
    • Player: You're the one always behind me, why should I hurry up?
    • Dog: Woofwoof whine woof. (Because if I was running, I'd beat you.)
    • Player: Well, why don't you run ahead?
    • Dog: Woofwoof woof! (Because you haven't told me where we are going!)
  • Conversation 4
    • Dog: Woofwoof woof whine. (Any reason we are stood here idly?)
    • Player: Well, I do have things to do here.
    • Dog: Woofwoofwoof. (Well, chop-chop.)
  • Conversation 5 (when run mode is on)
    • Dog: Whoofwoof woof! (Don't stop now! Keep running!)

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