• Grand Exchange Tutor: How can I help?
  • Player: Can you teach me about the Grand Exchange again? (varies if you haven't already talked to him)
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Of course.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: The building you see here is the Grand Exchange. You can simply tell us what you want to buy or sell and for how much, and we'll pair you up with another player and make the trade for you!
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Buying and selling is done in a very similar way. Let me describe it in five steps.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Step 1: You decide what to buy or sell and come here with the items to sell or the money to buy with.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Step 2: Speak with one of the clerks, behind the desk in the middle of the building and they will guide you through placing the bid and the finer details of what you are looking for.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Step 3: The clerks will take the items or money off you and look for someone to complete the trade.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Step 4: You then need to wait perhaps a matter of moments or maybe even days until someone is looking for what you have offered.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Step 5: When the trade is complete, we will let you know with a message and you can pick up your winnings by talking to the clerks or by visiting any bank in RuneScape.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: T: here's a lot more information about the Grand Exchange, all of which you can find out from Brugsen Bursen, the guy with the megaphone. I would suggest you speak to him to fully get to grips with the Grand Exchange. Good luck!
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: How can I help?
  • Player: Where can I find out more info?
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Go and speak to Brugsen who's standing over there, closer to the building. He'll help you out.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: How can I help?
  • Player: I'm okay thanks.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor: Fair enough.

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