• Gorajo hoardstalker: Welcome mighty adventurer, to a quest like none you've ever experienced before! The great game of Chronicle is sweeping the nation, people everywhere obsessed with writing their own legends. Will you join them? Claim your replica book from me and begin your journey into the chronicles of the past.

Claim bookEdit

  • Gorajo hoardstalker: Play with vigour, friend.
  • You have unlocked the Chronicle, Book of Legends follower pet. It can be found in the pet interface.
  • Summon your pet and interact with it to answer questions, win some awesome prizes and play Chronicle with it to gain an XP boost.

Claiming book when one is ownedEdit

  • Gorajo hoardstalker: There's only so many of these replica books to go around you know, and you already have a copy. You can find it in your pet interface.

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