• Goebie scout: Ah, human! Welcome to Mazcab, our home.
  • Player: Hello... Erm, how do you know I'm a human?
  • Goebie scout: We watched you battle the great beast Tuska through the world window. We've been eagerly awaiting your arrival on our planet!
  • Goebie scout: Now you're finally here, we were hoping you'd be able to lend us your aid.
    • What do you need help with?
      • Goebie scout: The airut have invaded our planet and enslaved our people. We aren't strong enough to fight back on our own.
      • Goebie scout: If you're willing to help you'll find plenty of goebies around here that are in need of aid.
    • What is there to do here?
      • Goebie scout: I'm glad you ask! There are plenty of places for you to explore. Village Kanatah is to the east and Otot is in the northwest. You'll need to go through Nemi forest to reach it.
      • Goebie scout: Directly to the north is where most of the airut have settled around our sacred temple. If you want to gather a group and fight the most powerful of them, that is where you should go.
    • Goodbye.

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