Talking to a GoebieEdit

  • Goebie: Hello, Player!

Passive overhead linesEdit

One of the following is possible to initiate the dialogue, depending on the reputation.

  • Goebie: Everyone! It's Player!
  • Goebie: Is that Player? They're real?
  • Goebie: Oh, it's Player! Hi Player!
  • Goebie: Player!
  • Goebie: Player! You saved my parent!
  • Goebie: Player? Player!
  • Goebie: Wow! Player!

After this the following lines are possible.

  • Goebie: Can I come with you on an adventure?
  • Goebie: Is your world like Mazcab?
  • Goebie: Where are you going?

After a while the goebie stops focusing on you and says the following.

  • Goebie: It was nice to see you, Player!

Using Apollo's helmet on the wrong GoebieEdit

  • Player: Hey there friend, can I interest you in this piece of genuine astrological memorabilia?
  • Goebie: No thank you, human. I'm not even really sure what you just said.
  • Player: Oh. Do you happen to know anyone that might be interested in relics from far-off lands?
  • Goebie: Well, I suppose my friend, [name] does like to collect weird things. Maybe you should try them?
  • Player: Excellent! Thanks for your help!
  • Goebie: Be well, weird human!

Using Apollo's helmet on the right GoebieEdit

  • As you approach, the goebie holds up a strange looking flute.
  • Goebie: Hey there human, can I interest you in this piece of genuine Mazcab history?
  • Player: Wait, I was about to ask you the same thing.
  • Goebie: Oh. Well. I already have this piece of genuine Mazcab history, so I wouldn't be interested.
  • Player: No, no, I was going to try to interest you in this piece of genuine astrological memorabilia.
  • Goebie: Oh wow! You can! Would you be willing to trade it?
  • Player: Yes, and I appreciate you asking.
    • Goebie: Wonderful! here you go! Look after it carefully. That is an ancient flute that our ancestors used to tame vermin.
    • Player: Why did your ancestors want to tame vermin?
    • Goebie: They were bored? Our ancestors had a lot more spare time. They had a lot less disasters keeping them occupied.
  • Player: No, getting this helmet actually took a long time.
    • Goebie: That's a shame, Be well human.

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