• Player: Hello there! What're you doing in the city?
  • Gnome traveller: (1): Why do you want to know?
  • Player: I was just wondering. I thought this was a dwarven city, not a gnome city.
  • Gnome traveller: (1): It's not a human city either, but you're here all the same.
  • Player: Fair point.
  • Gnome traveller: (1): Anyway, we're here to do some business with one of the companies of the Consortium. Getting supplies for our people back at, er, the Grand Tree.
  • Player: What kind of special supplies do the dwarves have that you need then?
  • Gnome traveller: (1): Oh, nothing special, nothing special I assure you... it's just that the dwarves have everything in large supplies.


  • Player: Hello there mister gnome!
  • Gnome traveller: (2): Miss gnome to you, thank you.
  • Player: Oh, sorry about that... So what are you doing in fair Keldagrim?
  • Gnome traveller: (2): Fair? Hardly...
  • Gnome traveller: (2): We are the companions of the leader of our expedition. We have come here to bargain for much needed supplies for our people.
  • Player: Oh yes, where are you from?
  • Gnome traveller: (2): Ehm... from Tree Gnome Village.
  • Gnome traveller: (1): The Grand Tree!
  • Gnome traveller: (2): Oh yes, sorry, that's what I meant to say.

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