• Baby giant crab: I are playin' Followin' der Yooman!
  • Player: That you are. You're good at this game.
  • Baby giant crab: I are der bestest.


Conversation 1Edit

  • Giant crab: Yooman, gimmie the fishies!
  • Player: I don't think you need feeding that badly right now.
  • Giant crab: Please will the yooman gimme the fishies?
  • Player: Not right now.
  • Giant crab: Awww...

Conversation 2Edit

  • Giant crab: I is going to eat you, little fishies!
  • Player: Yeah, right after I catch them for you!
  • Giant crab: Yah, so long as the yooman isn't burnifying da fishies first.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Giant crab: Dis is too dry...
  • Player: Well, if I could take you diving easily, I would.

Conversation 4Edit

  • Giant crab: Hey, yooman, I wanna go away.
  • Player: What do you mean 'away'?
  • Giant crab: 'Away' away. Dis place is stoo-pid.
  • Player: Well, we'll set off in a bit, okay?

While wearing a Crab claw or Crab helmetEdit

  • Giant crab: Hey yooman, you best not be doin' dat ter me...
  • Player: What have I done now?
  • Giant crab: You wearin' der crab shell. Dat not right, right?
  • Player: I'm sure I don't know what you're talking ab-
  • Giant crab: I en't got no weak point!
  • Player: Really, I don-
  • Giant crab: You not be hittin' me fer massive damage!
  • Player: Alright. Alright, already. I promise you're safe with me.

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