Conversation 1Edit

  • Player: Rarr! All hail the Big High War God!
  • General Awwdor: Are you making fun of me?
  • Player: Only a little bit.
  • General Awwdor: Quite insensitive, if you ask me. You do know he's dead, don't you?
  • Player: Sorry.

Conversation 2Edit

  • General Awwdor: Do you know why Graardor received his name?
  • Player: No?
  • General Awwdor: Well you see, back home we had these massive doors, and when Graardor was younger he'd never be able to open them. He'd yell and cry pushing them, like 'Graaaarrr!'. So we called him Graardor!
  • Player: Is that true?
  • General Awwdor: No...

Conversation 3Edit

  • General Awwdor: Good day, Player.
  • Player: You're quite eloquent for an ourg...Not like Graardor at all.
  • General Awwdor: Ah, yes. I suppose I am somewhat of an anomaly. Due to my small stature I was of no use to the ourgs. I was never trained to fight, so I chose to learn instead.
  • Player: I think I like you more.

Inside the God Wars DungeonEdit

  • General Awwdor: Quite barbaric if you ask me.
  • Player: What is?
  • General Awwdor: All this fighting. Quite unnecessary.
  • General Awwdor: Humans come in, they fight. When Graardor wins, it's not like he goes anywhere. He just stands there basking in his victory!
  • General Awwdor: It all seems very strange to me.

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