Before The Brink of ExtinctionEdit

  • Ga'al: Guh?

After The Brink of ExtinctionEdit

Note: The Ga'al that you take to the Fight Kiln during The Brink of Extinction cannot be found after the quest, presumably becoming the fighting Ga'al.

North of TzHaar-Ket-GrolEdit

  • TzHaar-Ga'al: TzHaar?
  • TzGaar-Ga'al: Tzhaar! TzHaar!

Near some tables in the tunnel south-east of the PlazaEdit

  • TzHaar-Ga'al: Ga'!

South of the Main PlazaEdit

  • TzHaar-Ga'al: Ga'al want see outside.
  • TzGaar-Ga'al: You go outside?

Near the LibraryEdit

  • TzHaar-Ga'al: Ga'al learn...TzHaar words.
  • TzHaar-Ga'al: Ga'al learn...JalYt...words too!

Next to the Sulphur pitEdit

  • TzHaar-Ga'al: You... save Ga'al!

West of the Fight PitsEdit

  • TzHaar-Ga'al: Ga'al not die in...pit like other Ga'al. All thanks!

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