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This transcript involves dialogue with Darren Lightfinger, Chief Thief Robin, Market Guard, and Urist Loric.

Starting OutEdit

Darren: Ah, player! Can I borrow you for a moment? I've got some work in dire need of a hero and you're the best agent I have to take it on! I'll put it to you very directly, player: it's an expensive business expanding the guild. The price of construction work is exorbitant, and if we're to get the premises up to the size of our eventual status deserves we shall be needing more money.

Player: I understand well.

Darren: That's why I've bought a very expensive toy dragon, which is quite nearly completed.

Player: Wait, what?

Darren: Allow me to explain … There is a master craftsman recently arrived in Varrock, a dwarf by the name of Urist Loric. He does clockwork and delicate crafts, and works extensively in precious stones. I have commissioned him to construct a red dragon – worth the entirety of our available monies – out of ruby.

Player: This sounds more like madness than adventure at the moment.

Darren: I have no intention of buying it. What I need you to do, my dear fellow, is steal the dragon from his stall in Varrock. You can then be very surprised and dismayed at him and demand my money returned.

Player: Then I bring you the toy and your money, and you fence the toy and double your investment?

Darren: Double? Ha! I'm having a bad day.


-Alright, I'll do it.

Darren: I knew I could count on you.

-Let me think about it and come back.

Darren: Don't be too long; if he finishes the thing I'll have to take delivery of it.

Player: Hello there.

Robin: Ah, our rising star. Now what can I do for you?

Player: About this caper … Do you have any advice for me about this Urist fellow?

(before you rob the dwarf)

Darren: I don't know anything about him, sorry. He's only just set up shop and I've not been to Varrock in a while. You'll probably want to ask someone who sees him on a regular basis.

Player: Hmm.

Robin: Oh, and if you're stealing from his stall, watch out for the guards. They keep a close eye on activity in the marketplace and they're not lenient with shoplifters.

Player: Will do, thanks.

(After you rob the dwarf)

Robin: Well, since you seem to have bamboozled him handly, I'd have a word with Darren about it.

Player: Will do, thanks.

In VarrockEdit

Market Guard: Greetings, citizen.

Player: Good day to you.

-How's everything going today?

Guard: Fairly uneventful so far. Varrock's not the hotbed of crime that Ardougne is, after all.

Player: I'll let you get on with it then.

Guard: Stay safe, citizen.

-Who's the dwarf over there?

Guard: Urist Loric. He's a craftsman from some fortress or other. Does some seriously delicate work, if the magnification on that monocle is anything to go by.

- Do you know what he's working on?
Guard: It's a toy dragon of some sort. I've been keeping an eye on him 'cos he's working with some seriously valuable materials, but nobody's tried anything yet. Nobody's going to either, I reckon. Must have heard I'm on the case.
Player: How's his dragon coming along?
Guard: Looks like it's almost finished.
Player: He seems very focused.
Guard: There's only two things he cares more about than his work, and he's had his morning booze.
Player: What's the other thing?
Guard: Oh, some sort of talisman he keeps in his back pocket. I've told him he shouldn't keep it there – it's asking to be stolen – but he won't listen.
- He Seems very focused.
(repeats above)
- I'll let you get on with it, then.

Guard: Stay safe, citizen.

Player: Are you the master craftsman working on a commission for Darren Lightfinger?

Urist: That I am. What can I do for you?

Player: How's it coming along?

Urist: It's very nearly done. Just needs a bath in preserving oil to protect the mechanisms, and then a good polish.

Player: Is this it here on your stall?

Urist: Aye, the baby red dragon there. As ordered, its scales are perfect rubies and it's capable of walking and breathing fire. Could have made it fly too, given another six months or so.

Player: Very nice. Well, see you later.

Urist: Aye, that you will.

The HeistEdit

(You steal a golden talisman out of Urist's back pocket.)

If you fail to take it

Urist: Oi! Leave that alone.

After you take the Talisman

Player: That thing on the ground … It it yours?

Urist: What thing? Oh! Thank you kindly, I'd have been sad if I'd lost that.

Hmm … how did this get over here?

Ugh it's all dirty. Luckily I've got my blue silk handkerchief on me.

There, that's better.

Well, back to work.

(Distracting the Guard)

If the Talisman is not on the ground

Player: No point doing that at this, er, point.

If Talisman is on the ground

Player: Gypsy Aris' sign is giving you the evil eye!

Guard: What? Not again!

Hmm, it looks innocuous to me.

The ConEdit

Player: I'm just checking up on progress for Mr. Lightfinger. You said it would be ready in a couple of days?

Urist: Aye, it's nearly done. It's right he-

Player: …

Urist: By all the gods! Where's it gone? Where's it got to?

Player: It's not walked off, has it?

Urist: It couldn't walk that far on one turn of the spring.

Player: I hope it turns up, then; it's due very soon. Could it have been stolen?

Urist: In Varrock? With that guard watching like a hawk?

Player: He doesn't seem all that hawklike.

Urist: Now that you mention it …

Player: Will you be able to finish by the deadline?

Urist: Are you serious? Not a chance!

Player: Then what will you tell Mr. Lightfinger?

Urist: I don't see that I have much choice; I shall have to give him his money back.

Player: That sounds fair.

Urist: Since you're working for him, can you take this banker's note to him with my sincerest apologies?

(Urist hands you a banker's note. The figure on it is astronomical.)

Player: I should think so.

Urist: I appreciate your understanding.

Player: I appreciate your cooperation.

Urist: Ruined! Ruined! It makes me want to throw a tantrum!

If you lose the Banker's Note

Player: I'm afraid I can't find the banker's note you made out.

Urist: Then I'll have to write another.

Returning To DarrenEdit

Darren: Have you been to Varrock yet, player? Time is short! And so is the craftsman you're supposed to be ripping off, what?

Player: I'd like to talk to you about the caper I'm doing

If you have the goods, but not on you

I have the goods! I'll just need a moment to visit the bank before I hand them over.

If you have the goods on you I have the goods!

Darren: I knew you wouldn't let me down! Fairly simple caper, was it?

Player: Just needed a little finesse, that's all.

Darren: Ah, finesse! Very well done indeed. Some day I hope to show you myself in action; for now, however, I shall be rather busy paying the builders.