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  • Fortunato: Can I help you at all?
    • Player: Yes, what are you selling?
      • Shop opens
    • Talk about Rag and Bone Man
      • Fortunato: Oh, you've come back. Please, I haven't got any more vinegar. Give me some time, I beg you.
      • Player: I wasn't after vinegar today.
      • Fortunato: Oh, wonderful.I will have some in soon if 'he' needs it. In the meantime, can I interest you in anything else?
    • Talk about Vampyre Slayer.
      • Fortunato: Well done killing that vampyre. Business has certainly improved since the attacks have stopped.
      • Player: Happy to help.
    • Player: Can you tell me about Draynor Village?
      • Fortunato: The village is quite old, but the market is a rather recent addition. We were doing quite good business up until recently.
      • Player: What happened?
      • Fortunato: Saradomin and Zamorak have decided to have a huge fight just nearby! It's terrible for business!
      • Fortunato: You add that to the vampyre you killed, and it doesn't make for happy sales figures!
      • Fortunato: Perhaps I can interest you in some wine?
        • Player: Yes, please show me your wares!
          • Shop opens
        • Player: No, I must be going.
    • Player: Not at the moment.
      • Fortunato: Then move along, you filthy ragamuffin, I have customers to serve!

When Empty wine bottle is used on Fortunato:

  • Fortunato Ah! I buy wine bottles back if you want to hand them all over.

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