Conversation 1
  • Flo: You sense Flo is looking at you, questioning everything you're doing.
  • Player: What's your problem, Flo?
  • Flo: Flo continues to look at you, questioning everything you represent.
  • Player: Listen Flo! You don't have to follow me if you're going to judge me like that.
  • Flo: Flo is simply a feather floating in the wind. Whatever you're feeling is your own inner turmoil.
  • Player: Err... Sorry Flo, I guess I overreacted.
Conversation 2
  • Player: I'm feeling so good today. Like I'm walking on sunshine. Like I'm as light as a fea-
  • Flo: Flo eyes you questionably.
  • Player: Come on! Give me a break, you're a feather. You can't talk, Flo. I just wanted to have some kind of conversation.
Conversation 3
  • Player: Hey Flo! Which way should we go today?
  • Flo: Flo begins to float away in the wind.
  • Player: You need to take life more seriously, you always just want to go with the wind!
  • Flo: Flo spins around angrily.
  • Player: Well, I thought it was a good joke...

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