• Conversation 1
    • Fire titan: Pick flax.
    • Fire titan: Jump to it.
    • Fire titan: If you want to get to Fletching level 99.
    • Player: That terrible.
    • Fire titan: Sorry.
  • Conversation 2
    • Fire titan: You're fanning my flame with your wind spells.
    • Fire titan: I'm singeing the curtains with my heat.
    • Player: Oooh, very mellow.
  • Conversation 3
    • Fire titan: I'm burning up.
    • Fire titan: I want the world to know.
    • Fire titan: I got to let it show.
    • Player: Catchy.
  • Conversation 4
    • Fire titan: It's raining flame!
    • Fire titan: Huzzah!
    • Player: You have a...powerful voice.
    • Fire titan: Thanks.
  • Conversation 5
    • Fire titan: Let's go fireside.
    • Fire titan: I think I've roasted the sofa.
    • Fire titan: I think I've burnt down the hall.
    • Player: Can't you sing quietly?
    • Fire titan: Sorry.
  • Conversation 6 (with Tinderbox in inventory or tool belt)
    • Fire titan: Relight my fire.
    • Fire titan: A tinderbox is my only desire.
    • Player: What are you singing?
    • Fire Titan: Just a song I heard a while ago.
    • Player: It's not very good.
    • Fire Titan: You're just jealous of my singing voice.
    • Player: Where did you hear this again?
    • Fire Titan: Oh, you know, just with some other fire titans. Out for a night on the pyres.
    • Player: Hmm. Come on then. We have stuff to do.

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