FANDOM spiralling into a crisis beyond our control. Since the fall of the School of Catolax, vile beasts and monsters such as the banshee, the aberrant spectre, the turoth and the Ghibbar al-Shaytan (or dust devil in common parlance), fester in every nook and cranny from here to Senntisten. Few professional slayer masters remain to control their numbers; the common citizen has no choice but to cower in fear, take up arms themselves, or pay exorbitant sums to some thug with a sword.

Though the former two are the most immediately dangerous, the final option is the most sinister. Every mercenary hired feels that they should be paid unending riches for every head of every monster they slay (this poses additional problems pertaining to the lesser southern Elidian hydra). Though these foes are lethal to the well-meaning farmer or slave, the amateur monster-hunter kills them by the score.

This drain on wealth is bankrupting the state! It is poisoning our markets, so that all the wealth goes to a band of foreign hooligans. And yet, the Pharaoh's court seems to embrace these novices and shower them with additional gold! Mark these words: though this issue does not seem as immediate as the northern wars or the the threat at Uzer, it will soon become the preeminent issue of the Menaphite Kingdom, if not the entire world. We must put regulations...

- Muthirat, royal scribe of Pharaoh Emharses the Heathful

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