Prior to Fairytale IEdit

First timeEdit

  • Fairy Nuff: Hello, can I help you at all?
    • Player: What do you do around here?
      • Fairy Nuff: Oh, I'm the resident healer. My name is Nuff, Fairy Nuff. Who are you?
      • Player: My name is Player.
      • Fairy Nuff: Pleased to meet you, Player. As I was saying, I'm the healer in Zanaris. I graduated over 200 human years ago. Look, there's my Advanced Healing Certificate on the wall. I never go anywhere without it.
      • Fairy Nuff: It's my job to look after the sick, wounded or dying fairies around here. Of course, fairies being magical by nature, not many of them get hurt, so I don't normally have much to do.
      • Player: What about healing humans? Lots of adventurers must get hurt fighting the Otherwordly beings.
      • Fairy Nuff: Yes, they do. Silly isn't it? I do use my healing magic on humans sometimes, but I don't like them attacking our other guests, so I charge them for the service.
      • Player: How much do you charge to heal someone, then?
      • Fairy Nuff: Well, the gold that you humans are so fond of has no real value in Zanaris, so I ask my patients to pay me in gems.
      • Fairy Nuff: I will heal 40 life points for an opal, 50 life points for either a sapphire or a piece of jade, 70 life points for an emerald or red topaz, 90 for a ruby and 110 for a diamond.
      • Player: Only 110 life points for a diamond? Doesn't that seem a bit steep?
      • Fairy Nuff: Maybe to you, but you'd be surprised how many adventurers are willing to pay those prices.
    • Player: No thanks. Just looking around.
      • Fairy Nuff: Okay, if you want to know anything, just ask.

Second and thereafterEdit

  • Fairy Nuff: Hello, Player, do you need any assistance?
    • Player: Yes, please. I need healing.
      • Fairy Nuff: Sure, how many life points would you like me to heal?
        • 40 Life points
        • 50 Life points
        • 70 Life points
        • 90 Life points
        • 110 Life points
    • Player: No thanks. Just looking around.
      • Fairy Nuff: Okay, if you want to know anything, just ask.

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