In Prifddinas, after Plague's End Edit

If you spared the Head Mourner in Plague's End Edit

  • Mwynen: Oh, hello. May I be of service?
  • Essyllt: Aah!
  • Mwynen: What's the matter?
  • Player: Oh, it's you. I didn't recognise you there.
  • Essyllt: I...I promised you'd never see me again. I didn't think the elder would actually permit other races to enter Prifddinas!
  • Essyllt: I've given up the military life, and settled with my wife.
  • Mwynen: Essyllt, I don't understand. What's going on?
  • Essyllt: When I was... working... this human had the choice to kill me.
  • Mwynen: W-what? Kill him?
  • Mwynen: What manner of brute are you, that you would threaten Lord Iorwerth's emissary of peace?
    • Emissary of peace?
      • Player: Emissary of peace? What?
      • Essyllt: Yes, the work I was doing when you met me.
        • [Play along]
          • Player: Oh, of course. Well it's a long story. I'm sure Essyllt can tell you some other time.
          • Essyllt appears to mouth 'thank you'.
        • [Tell the truth]
          • Player: Hah! Wow, that's a good one. I'm glad I let you live just for that!
          • Mwynen: What's so funny?
          • Player: I remember his plan. Had I not stopped him, this 'emissary of peace' would have wiped out the entire population of West Ardougne by herding them into a cavern and collapsing the roof!
          • Mwynen: What? Essyllt...that's a lie. Tell me it's a lie.
          • Essyllt: I...Why did you...
          • Mwynen: It's...true, isn't it?
          • Mwynen: Please excuse us, Player. My husband and I need to speak in private.
        • I'd like to ask about something else.
          • Emissary of peace?
            • (Same as above)
          • I thought you had children.
            • (Same as below)
          • What are you doing now?
            • (Same as below)
          • Bye.
            • (Same as below)
    • I thought you had children.
      • Player: You said you had children. Where are they?
      • Essyllt: They're not here right now. There's um... Dwyfor... Grenfron... and Aeronwen.
      • Player: I've been all around Prifddinas, and I'm yet to encounter elves with those names.
      • Essyllt: Dwyfor was also in Lord Iorwerth's service, I last saw him entering the Underground Pass.
      • Essyllt: Grenfron is assisting in cleaning the Undercity.
      • Essyllt: Aeronwy never really stays in one place, she's probably wandering around somewhere.
        • What was that last name again?
          • Essyllt: Aeronwy? Yes, Aeronwy.
          • Player: Didn't you say Aeronwen before?
          • Mwynen: Just stop already. Your lies are painful to listen to.
          • Essyllt: Fine. I lied about having children. Maybe one day. I just wanted you to let me live.
        • I'll keep an eye out.
          • Essyllt appears to let out a sigh of relief, while Mwynen glares at him menacingly.
    • What are you doing now?
      • Essyllt: I've retired. I'm just spending time with my wife, Mwynen.
    • Bye.
      • Mwynen: It's certainly been interesting speaking with you, Player. It seems Essylt and I have a lot to talk about.
      • Essylt: I...Bye.

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