While Dungeoneering Edit

Talking to the Enigmatic hoardstalker Edit

  • Enigmatic hoardstalker: Wanderer, your movements are as uncertain as a fledgling in first flight. Are you lost?
    • Do you have a riddle for me?
      • Player: Do you have a riddle for me?
      • Enigmatic hoardstalker: I do. Here it is: [Riddle.] Give me the answer in not words but an object.
    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Enigmatic hoardstalker: Like all gorajo, I have no name; instead, I have a path. I have chosen to be a naabe hoardstalker. My tribe required a mental trial to be given at this door. I am to stop the unclear of mind from passing into danger.
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    • Can you open the door for me?
      • Player: Can you open the door for me?
      • Enigmatic hoardstalker: I am capable of opening the door, ahnanai.
      • Player: ...
      • Enigmatic hoardstalker: ...
      • Player: Well, go on then!
      • Enigmatic hoardstalker: Ah, you wish to skip to the end, like a wolf stalking prey. Naabe, it is not that easy. You must prove your clarity of thought with a trial.
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