Today is an auspicious day. My garden is in bloom and even the silverkin bush is budding properly. It is as though the garden had come awake to celebrate something momentous.

I cannot help but wonder if it is this strange new arrival. A woman, of sorts, not elven but something...different. Her skin sparkles in the sun and it is as though she is made from brilliant crystal. She is remarkable.

She calls herself Seren and she wishes to be our friend. She has fallen in love with our world and with our people and she has offered us gifts of knowledge and magic. There are talks that she is more than she seems. Are the rumours true, has a god come to raise us up?

She has brought us together in a way I never thought possible. So many of the families gather now at her side and she follows through with her promise. She has taught us how to tend the fields, how to grow our food rather than hunt it. Only house Cywir holds back from her teachings, those traditionalists despise change.

We invited her to the harvest celebration. She seemed to delight in our quaint customs and she performed miracles, causing flowers to bloom out of season and causing the crystals around her to sing along with us. It was wonderful. She is wonderful.

She has pledged to stay with us and Ceidwadd has begun spreading word of her divinity. We are a blessed people.

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