Guthix: When first the came to me, I knew not what to do with them, but they came with open hands, minds and hearts. I could not reject their approach with callous ignorance, and so I spoke with those of them who could come and would listen. Some did not understand that I eschewed their worship, that I did not want such sacred reverence from them. They angered me with their naive praise and lack of autonomy. But others listened, as I had always hoped they might. There were two who were core to those who tried to understand what I taught: Snix and Snax, and insightful challenging woman and her enthusiastic younger brother. The frown on their faces as they engaged with my thoughts and the discussion that came from it; sometimes their words and questions were like a battle! There were long hours spent; with words thrown back and forth between us, and the others sat in a circle we formed. They did not simply listen to my words or throw constant praise at me, but instead they asked me questions that forced me to examine my own thoughts on the philosophies I carried with me. They did not change what I thought, but their insightful efforts deepened my own understanding and reinforced my wish not to be worshipped. There was a friendship of sorts present, but that could never be. Snix would force me to consider the very essence of balance, of the harmony and freedom I wanted for all life. The ability to live freely with all around you. The best expressions of my own understandings were formed in those moments. Snax, in his turn, reminded me of the effervescent nature of life itself, of the joy in the worlds around us and why my ideology was so important. Were Snix was thought, Snax was passion. In a way, I loved them both. For years after their passing, I mourned them in a way I had mourned no others before them. They were the first of the druids, and I thanked them for understanding what I wanted so much better than so many others. I cannot be Worshipped. I want all people to follow my example. Balance. Harmony. Freedom. All entwined, for the good of all.

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