• Doomsayer: Dooooom!
  • Player: Do you mean the Battle of Lumbridge? Are you telling me I should go and help out by going to join in?
  • Doomsayer: No, why should I be doing that? I'm talking about doooooom here, not some battlefield.
  • Player: ' Well, everyone else seems to be... um... anyway, you mentioned doom. Where is this doom?
  • Doomsayer: All around us! I can feel it in the air, hear it on the wind, smell it...also in the air!
  • Player: Is there anything we can do about this doom?
  • Doomsayer: There is nothing you need to do my friend! I am the Doomsayer, although my real title could be something like the Danger Tutor.
  • Player: Danger Tutor?
  • Doomsayer: Yes! I roam the world sensing danger.
  • Doomsayer: If I find a dangerous area, then I put up warning signs that will tell you what is so dangerous about that area.
  • Doomsayer: If you see the signs often enough, then you can turn them of; by that time you likely known what the area has in store for you.
  • Player: But what If I want to see the warnings again?
  • Doomsayer: That's why I'm waiting here!
  • Doomsayer: If you want to see the warning messages again, I can turn them back on for you.
  • Doomsayer: Do you need to turn on any warnings right now?
    • Player: Yes, I do.
      • Screen opens
    • Player: Not right now.
      • Doomsayer: Ok, keep an eye out for the messages though!
      • Player: I will.

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