Conversation 1Edit

  • Dojo Mojo: Stand still! Someone's about to attack you.
  • Player: What? Where are they?
  • Dojo Mojo: Don't worry, I've dealt with them now.
  • Player: But you didn't even move.
  • Dojo Mojo: Of course I did. Your eyes just failed to keep up.
  • Player: I don't think so, I'm the World Guardian. I think I'd see if you moved.
  • Dojo Mojo: Keep telling yourself that.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: Tell me about how you became a ninja.
  • Dojo Mojo: It was always in my destiny. My mother and father were both ninjas from Marim so it only made sense for me to follow in their footsteps. While other monkeys focused their learning on knife fighting or archery, I was interested in increasing my agility so I could be used for espionage missions. Every morning before breakfast I would 200 laps of our agility course.
  • Player: Aren't all monkeys agile though?
  • Dojo Mojo: Compared to you humans, yes, but I doubt most other monkeys can land a triple backflip.
  • Player: Wow that sounds impressive. Can you show me?
  • Dojo Mojo: Maybe later, but for now, don't you have an adventure to continue?

Conversation 3Edit

  • Dojo Mojo: A great crime has been committed!
  • Player: What's happened?
  • Dojo Mojo: My secret banana cache has gone, but a single banana skin. They are taunting me.
  • Player: We could get you some more bananas if you want.
  • Dojo Mojo: No, it is my duty. I will track down this thief and make them pay.
  • Player: I think you need to just chill out.

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