Conversation 1
  • Diddyzag: I've got a hankerin'.
  • Diddyzag: I'm in a hasslin' mood.
  • Player: What does that even mean? Why are you always so grumpy?
  • Diddyzag: I can't help it Player!
  • Diddyzag: I can't let anyone forget that I'm the biggest and the meanest!
  • Player: Why would you want to be those things?
  • Diddyzag: If I prove myself the Stompiest, I'll finally get Tuska's approval.
  • Player: Oh buddy...have I got some bad news to deliver you...
  • Player: ...some other day...when you're feeling less punchy...
Conversation 2
  • Player: Are you sure you want to go into Beastmastery, Diddy?
  • Diddyzag: What possible better line of work could there be?
    • Farming.
      • Player: Have you considered starting a vegetable farm?
      • Player: I think you'd make a great BEETSmaster!
    • Holy work.
      • Player: Have you considered becoming a preacher for your Goddess?
      • Diddyzag: Well, I do like Tuska.
      • Player: I think you'd make a great PRIESTmaster!
    • Cooking.
      • Player: Have you considered exploring the culinary arts?
      • Player: I think...
      • Diddyzag: No.
      • Player:'d make...
      • Diddyzag: Please. No more.
      • Player: ...a truly fantastic...
      • Diddyzag: Cease. None of this.
      • Player: FEASTmaster!
Conversation 3
  • Diddy waits a few seconds.
  • Diddy sighs and seems to shrink.
  • Diddyzag: I miss home.

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