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Claiming TrebornEdit

  • Diango: Howdy there, partner.
  • Player: Hi, Diango.
  • Diango: Are you here to recall memories long forgotten?
    • Yes
      • Player: Yes.
        • Enter Code
          • (The interface to enter the code opens.)
          • (If the code was incorrect:)
            • (Transcript missing. edit)
          • (If the code was correct:)
            • Diango: Congratulations! I've completely forgotten what I was talking about.
            • Player: Thanks! I can't remember either.
            • You have unlocked a new Pet, Treborn the Butterfly.
        • Can you give me hint?
          • Diango: Well there was a video released recently about the year ahead in RuneScape, maybe you can find the answer from that.
          • Player: Okay.
          • (Continues with the normal dialogue.)
    • No
      • Player: No.
      • (Continues with the normal dialogue.)
    • Forgotten Memories?
      • Player: Memories long forgotten?
      • Diango: Yes, I managed to capture something North-West of Eagle's Peak, I can give it to you if you like...
      • Diango: There's just a small matter of the secret code, and then it's yours...
      • Diango: Are you here to recall memories long forgotten?
      • (Returns to the previous options.)

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