• Conversation 1
    • Desert wyrm: This is so unsafe...I should have a hard hat for this work...
    • Player: Well, I could get you a rune helm if you like - those are pretty hard.
    • Desert wyrm: Keep that up and you'll have the union on your back, <player's gender>.
  • Conversation 2
    • Desert wyrm: You can't touch me, I'm part of the union!
    • Player: Is that some official "no-touching" policy or something?
    • Desert wyrm: You really don't get it, do you <player name>?
  • Conversation 3
    • Desert wyrm: You know, you might want to register with the union.
    • Player: What are the benefits?
    • Desert wyrm: I stop bugging you to join the union.
    • Player: Ask that again later; I'll have to consider that generous proposal.
  • Conversation 4
    • Desert wyrm: Why are you ignoring that good ore seam, <player's gender>?
    • Player: Which ore seam?
    • Desert wyrm: There's a good ore seam right underneath us at this very moment.
    • Player: Great! How long will it take for you to get to it?
    • Desert wyrm: Five years, give or take.
    • Player: Five years!
    • Desert wyrm: That's if we go opencast, mind. I could probably reach it in three if I just dug.
    • Player: Right. I see. I think I'll skip it thanks.
  • Conversation 5 (when holding pickaxe)
    • Desert wyrm: If you have that pick, why make me dig?
    • Player: Because it's a little quicker and easier on my arms.
    • Desert wyrm: I should take industrial action over this...
    • Player: You mean you won't work for me any more?
    • Desert wyrm: No. It means me and the lads feed you legs-first into some industrial machinery, maybe the Blast Furnace.
    • Player: I'll just be over here, digging.
    • Desert wyrm: That's the spirit, lad!

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