• Player: Hi there.
  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis: Hello, young one. What brings you to our humble dwelling?
  • Player: I was wondering what this place was?
  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis: These are the Tunnels of Chaos. They radiate with the energy of chaos magic. At the far end of the tunnel, you will find a portal to the Chaos Altar itself where chaos runes are crafted!
  • Player: Why are there only three of you?
  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis: Our order is a secret one and those of us that remain and survive through the ages choose to hide ourselves away.
  • Player: Where are the rest of you now?
  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis: We have built or found many tunnels such as these. This is not the only one. Rest assured, there are many more of us around.
  • Player: You seem quite nice for a Zamorakian.
  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis: History is written by the strong and influential.
  • Player: What does that mean?
  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis: It means we cannot always believe what we are told to believe. You would do well to remember that.
  • Player: I will! Thank you!

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