Nearby NPC dialogueEdit

When the scarabs appearEdit

  • Apmeken help us!
  • Holy Tumeken! Scarabs!?
  • I don't like bugs!
  • Scarabs?

Lamp traderEdit

  • Lamp trader: Get that corruption away from my lamps!

When bursting a scarabEdit

In all locationsEdit

  • Eurgh you got some scarab on me!
  • Eww.
  • Good job!
  • Great squishing skills.
  • I think I'm going to throw up.
  • Nice.
  • You've just advanced 1 Squishing level! You have reached level 99.

Only in the quarryEdit

  • Blergh.
  • Could I hit them with my pickaxe?
  • Go away critters.
  • Oh great, scarabs.

After all the scarabs have been burstedEdit

  • That was odd.
  • The scarabs seems[sic] to have gone for now.
  • Why scarabs though?

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