• Conversation 1
    • Compost mound: Oi've gotta braand new comboine 'aarvester!
    • Player: A what?
    • Compost mound: Well, it's a flat bit a metal wi' a 'andle that I can use ta 'aarvest all combintions o' plaants.
    • Player: You mean a spade?
    • Compost: Aye, 'aat'll be it.
  • Conversation 2
    • Compost: What we be doin' 'ere, zur?
    • Player: Oh, I have a few things to take care of here, is all.
    • Compost: Aye, right ye are, zur. Oi'll be roight there.
  • Conversation 3
    • Compost mound: Errr...are ye gonna eat that?
    • Player: Eat what?
    • Compost mound: Y've got summat on yer, goin' wastin'.
    • Player: Ewwww!
    • Compost mound: So ye don' want it then?
    • Player: No I do not want it! Nor do I want to put my boot in your mouth for you to clean it off.
    • Compost mound: An' why not?
    • Player: It'll likely come out dirtier than when I put it in!
  • Conversation 4
    • Compost mound: Sigh...
    • Player: What's the matter?
    • Compost mound: Oi'm not 'appy carryin' round these young'uns where we're going.
    • Player: Young'uns? Oh, the buckets of compost! Well, those wooden containers will keep them safe.
    • Compost: 'Aah, that be a mighty good point, zur.
  • Conversation 5
    • Compost mound: Oi wus just a-wonderin'...
    • Player: Oh! What have you been eating! Your breath is making my eyes water!
    • Compost mound: Oi! Oi'm 'urt by thaat.
    • Player: Sorry.
    • Compost mound: Oi mean, oi even et some mints earlier.
    • Player: You did?
    • Compost mound: 'At's roight. Oi found some mint plaants in a big pile o' muck, and oi 'ad 'em fer me breakfast.
    • Player: The mystery resolves itself.

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