Conversation 1Edit

  • Commander Miniana: I've thought of a game! Use a blood spell on me.
  • Player: That doesn't sound like a very good game.
  • Commander Miniana: No come on, it'll be fun.
  • Player: I really don't think so.
  • Player: How about a shadow spell instead?
  • Commander Miniana: You know what? The game is over. You've ruined it.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: How do you feel about the outcome of the Battle of Lumbridge?
  • Commander Miniana: Saradomin tells us it is the way of things, that the rat Zamorak could escape before the final blow.
  • Commander Miniana: He says we should not harbour anger over it.
  • Commander Miniana: But myself and Zilyana, we cannot make peace with it. Zamorak should have died with honour! But of course, he has none.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Commander Miniana: Saradomin is with us!
  • Player: He is? Where?
  • Commander Miniana: It's symbolic, Player. Saradomin is always with us.
  • Player: I see...
  • Commander Miniana: In the name of Saradomin we shall conquer all!
  • Commander Miniana: He lends me his strength in times of hardship.
  • Commander Miniana: He is my sword, my power. My... Player, are you even listening?
  • Player: Zzzz... huh? Oh, sorry. I seem to have drifted off.

Inside the God Wars DungeonEdit

  • Commander Miniana: When I'm here I feel so close to Saradomin.
  • Player: When you're in a frozen dungeon, watching Zilyana fighting to the death?
  • Commander Miniana: She fights in the name of Saradomin. It's wonderful, isn't it?
  • Commander Miniana: We are honoured to be Saradomin's sword. His messengers.
  • Player: Uh huh...
  • Commander Miniana: Am I boring you, Player?
  • Player: Oh no, of course not. I've never heard either of you talk about Saradomin before.

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