• Conversation 1
    • Player: What is it like to be made out of sacred clay?
    • Clay familiar: Rumble... (I do not understand the question...)
    • Player: Can you at least tell me how you feel?
    • Clay familiar: Rumble! (I am happy as long as I can serve you, master!)
  • Conversation 2
    • Player: They're attacking!
    • Clay familiar: Rumble! (Fear not, master, for I'll protect you!)
    • Player: I'm glad you're here!
  • Conversation 3
    • Player: Hey!
    • Clay familiar: Rumble? (Yes, master?)
    • Player: Actually, I probably don't want to be talking to you. It's kind of dangerous here...
    • Clay familiar: Rumble... (As You[sic] wish...)
  • Conversation 4 (If a player has deposited items onto their familiar.)
    • Player: How are you getting on with the load?
    • Clay familiar: Rumble. (Just fine, master.)
    • Player: Don't go dropping it, okay?
    • Clay familiar: Rumble. (I'll try my very best, master.)

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