Normal dialogueEdit

  • Charnak: EEEEE! Everytime I accidentally hammer my thumb, it swells up and just makes it easier to hit again!

City QuestEdit

  • Charnak: Welcome! WELCOME! Are you here to buy? OH! Perhaps you could assist me?
  • Would you like to help?
    • Yes.
      • Charnak: YES! You're just the best!
      • Charnak: I'm ready for a change in career.
      • Player: Oh, really? How can I help?
      • Charnak: Well, I really want to be a Slayer master, though I could do with some practice.
      • Player: Alright, give it your best shot.
      • Charnak: Greetings, adventurer! It is I, the Slayer master!
      • Charnak: How was that?
      • Player: Yeah, that was great, but you have to tell me what you want me to slay.
      • Charnak: Oh, right!
      • Charnak: Adventurer! I need you to slay...uh...
      • Charnak: I need you to slay...[number]...[monsters]?
        • I can do that.
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
        • No.
          • Would you like to abandon this City Quest?
            • Yes.
              • Charnak: Oh... Dang it!
              • The City Quest is cleared.
            • No.
              • Charnak: Oh... Dang it!
    • Not right now.
      • Charnak: Oh... Dang it!

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