• Chad: Hey there.
  • Player: What are you doing here?
  • Chad: After the great turn out at the last celebration, Emmet and Sera asked for some extra help this year and Evey and I were more than happy to lend them a hand.
  • Player: So what are you and your team doing exactly?
  • Chad: We're using the firewood that we got from dismantling what the previous occupants left here to construct lanterns and then releasing them off into the air.
  • Player: That seems like fun, I guess...
  • Chad: You should celebrate with us, it really is great fun!
    • (If the firewood hasn't been claimed:)
      • Player: Can I have a go?
      • Chad: Here, take this firewood. Try constructing a lantern and see how fun it is to release it into the world!
      • Player: Thanks, I'll give it a go.
    • (If the firewood has been claimed:)
      • Player: Have you got any more firewood?
      • Chad: Sorry, I've not got any on me, but I did give some supplies to Alice.
      • Player: Ok, thanks.

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