Conversation 1
  • Guard: Surface-dweller! You will never find your way to Dorgesh-Kaan!
  • If the player has completed Death to the Dorgeshuun they will say:
  • Player: isn't it through that big door?
  • Guard: Well, Yes, but you'll never find your way in!
  • Player: But I thought I was allowed into the city now.
  • Guard: Oh, yes, so you are. I'd better say something different.
  • Guard; *Ahem* Surface-dweller! You will easily find your way to Dorgesh-Kaan! How about that?
  • Player: Yes, that's more appropriate.
Conversation 2
  • Guard: I'm keeping a eye on you surface dweller.
Conversation 3
  • Guard: have a nice day.
Conversation 4
  • Guard: I don't mean to be unfriendly but, I can't help but noticing that since surface dwellers have started coming into the city there has been an increase in CRIME!
Conversation 5
  • Guard: Welcome to Dorgesh-kaan, the hidden city!
Conversation 6
  • Guard: Surface-dweller!
  • Player: What?
  • Guard: have a nice day!

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