In the Lumbridge Swamp CavesEdit

  • Conversation 1
    • Cave Goblin: Don't tread on my feet!
    • Player:  I'm not going to tread on your feet.
  • Conversation 2
    • Cave Goblin: Beware of swamp gas! Look out for the warning marks!
    • Player: : Um, Thanks.
  • Conversation 3
    • Player: Hello, how are you?
    • Cave Goblin: I'm a bit worried about the increase of humans these days.
    • Cave Goblin: Present company excluded, of course!
  • Conversation 4
    • Cave Goblin: Nice weather we're having!
    • Player: But you live underground. The weather is always the same!
    • Cave Goblin:  Yes, it's always nice!
  • Conversation 5
    • Cave Goblin: Where did you come from?
    • Player: From above ground.
    • Cave Goblin: Above ground? Where is that?
    • Player: You know, out of caves, in the open air, with sunshine and wide open spaces!
    • Cave Goblin: Ick. Sounds horrible.
  • Conversation 6 (After The Lost Tribe)
    • Cave Goblin:  You're the human who secured peace between the Dorgeshuun and Lumbridge, aren't you?
    • Player:  Um,yes.
    • Cave Goblin:  Thank you so much! I was worried it was a return to the times of war, but perhaps surface-dwellers are not so bad.
  • Conversation 7 (When carrying a lit open light source)
    • Cave Goblin: Watch out! You don't want to let a naked flame near swamp gas! Look out for the warning marks.
  • Conversation 8 (When carrying a light source above brightness 2)
    • Cave Goblin: Don't shine that thing in my eyes!
  • Conversation 9 (When not carrying a light source)
    • Cave Goblin: What are you doing down here without a lamp?
    • Cave Goblin: Here, I have a spare torch. (A lit torch appears in your inventory)
    • Cave Goblin: But be careful not to let it near swamp gas! Watch out for warning marks.
    • Player: Er, thanks a lot.
    • Cave Goblin:  You're welcome.

In Dorgesh-KaanEdit

    • Conversation 1
      • Cave Goblin: How can you see properly with such tiny little eyes?
    • Conversation 2
      • Cave Goblin: Have you visited the market? There are visitors selling foods from all over the surface there. It's so exotic! Well, I suppose it wouldn't be exotic for you, since you're from the surface. But you should check it out anyway. Maybe you could sell some of your food. Everyone's crazy about surface food at the moment.
    • Conversation 3
      • Cave Goblin:  What's it like on the surface? It sounds scary to me, having nothing above my head.
      • Player: : It's alright.
        • Cave Goblin:  I'm still not sure if it would be for me, though.
      • Player: It's not all that great.
        • Cave Goblin: Never mind, you can stay down here now!
    • Conversation 4
      • Cave Goblin: So, what do you think of our city, surface-dweller?
      • Player:  I like it!
        • Cave Goblin:  That, surface-dweller, was the right answer.
      • Player: I think it's rubbish.
        • Cave Goblin: Well, it beats crawling around on the surface with nothing above your head!
    • Conversation 5 (After The Chosen Commander)
      • Cave Goblin: Ohh! Are you Player?
      • Player:  Yes.
      • Cave Goblin:  Everyone's talking about how you helped Zanik save the city! You're a hero!

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