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After Smoking Kills Edit

  • Catolax: I sense you are becoming adept at new Slayer techniques. Impressive.
  • Player: It was all thanks to your help.
  • Catolax: Nice of you to say so, although the cats have definitely had something to do with it. It hints at divine intervention.
  • Player: It seems I'm the subject of a few too many divine interventions for comfort. It's lucky indeed that I have my feline friend.
  • Catolax: Heroes aren't the same as they were in my day. Can I help you with anything else?
    • Could you tell me what's going on?
      • Player: Could you tell me what was going on?
      • Catolax: The crux of the matter is that you were working for Sumona, who is the Devourer.
      • Player: I can't say I am happy to have helped her in her plans. She never struck me as a nice type.
      • Catolax: Oh, but you didn't help her - she expected you to die. She did promise to reward you, however, so take advantage of that.
      • Player: What about this twin sister then? Is she a deity too?
      • Catolax: Twin sister? It was the Devourer too; she just wanted to watch when the banshee defeated you.
      • Player: I presume that her being a deity is going to make it awkward for me, having riled her so much.
      • Catolax: Her bergain isn't one she can wriggle out of easily, although sending you on Slayer tasks will be far from safe. You'll also find that you forget her evil deeds when talking with her, such is the power she possesses.
      • Player: The fake-sister thing explains why she burned that book and what the insectoids were doing there.
      • Catolax: Indeed. Thank you for avenging me. It is as much as can be expected by a dead mortal who wishes revenge on an immortal deity.
    • Can you tell me about the smoky dungeon?
      • Player: Can you tell me about the smoky dungeon at all?
      • Catolax: You will, of course, be aware that the place is a hive of Slayer creatures. Each of these must be combated within the smoke you mention.
      • Player: There are no new dangers I should be aware of?
      • Catolax: There are four guardians - turoth, kurask, cave crawler and basilisk - that must be slain in order to access the four new areas within the underground passages. No problem for you, I would suspect, as you were able to easily deal with the banshee mistress. Is there anything more I can help with?
    • I'd like some information on the remaining guardians.
      • If you have killed all of the guardians already
        • Player: I'd like some information on the remaining guardians.
        • Catolax: You seem to have killed all of these creatures already. I'm not sure what more you need to know.
    • Are you both in your tomb and the smoky dungeon?
      • Player: Are you in both your tomb and the smoky dungeon?
      • Catolax: I have a spiritual presence in both places associated with my death - my tomb and the place of my murder.
      • Player: That must be useful. I wish I could be in two places at once.
      • Catolax: I don't think that my position is altogether enviable. After all, I'm dead and can only ever exist in two places. You are alive and can go anywhere your legs take you.

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