During the eventEdit

  • Cat Craft: Something rather interesting is happening...
  • Cat Craft: These dunes have started to appear across Gielinor. I can't help but wonder if it's because of Reyna and her love for the beach.
  • Cat Craft: This dune here appears to be the biggest and it's been here the longest. My assistant is travelling across Gielinor in search of any others.
  • Player: How can I help?
  • Cat Craft: I think you've got enough energy within you to help us for a while but once it's run out, you'll have to rest and wait until the next day before you'll be able to help again.
  • (If the player hasn't yet claimed the free dune menders:)
    • Cat Craft: You could always try out these 'dune menders' that Alice has got her hands on. They'll save you using your own energy.
    • Cat Craft: I have a few left over that you can use.
    • You receive two 'dune menders' to use on the dunes.

After the eventEdit

  • Cat Craft: It's looking good Player, the smaller dunes have stopped forming and now it just looks like the big dune is left.
  • Cat Craft: It looks like any remaining power from the smaller dunes now resides in the large dune. The only way to help now is to use dune menders.

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