Before Perils of Ice MountainEdit

  • If you have started The Death of Chivalry
    • He looks forlornly at the patch of cabbages.
  • Brother Bordiss: [sic]
  • Player: Hello?
  • Brother Bordiss: [sic]
  • Brother Althric: I'm afraid Brother Bordiss has taken a vow of silence.
    • So you've taken a vow of silence, then?
      • Player: So you've taken a vow of silence, then?
      • Brother Bordiss: [sic]
      • Player: How's that working out for you?
      • Brother Bordiss: [sic]
      • Player: Well, I suppose I'll leave you to it, then.
      • Brother Bordiss: [sic]
    • [Say nothing]
      • Player: [sic]
      • Brother Bordiss: [sic]
      • Player: [sic]
      • Brother Bordiss: [sic]
      • Brother Althric: Will you two keep it down? I'm trying to concentrate.

After Perils of Ice Mountain Edit

  • Brother Bordiss: Hello again!
    • I still don't understand why Ice Mountain was heating up.
      • Player: I still don't understand why Ice Mountain was heating up.
      • Brother Bordiss: No, I suppose I never did get a chance to explain it. It's something I learned from the druids of Guthix. It's about the balance of the atmosphere. Sunlight causes the world to heat up but, normally, excess heat radiates upwards into the sky and away from RuneScape. So, the land remains at a constant temperature. Different gases trap heat more or less well. The smoke from the dragon power station trapped heat very well, more so than normal air. You've had a taste of what would happen if the gases increased. Plants would die - except it wouldn't just be Monastery roses, it would be crops people needed to eat. Creatures would lose their habitat and go extinct - not just vulnerable icefiends, but all sorts of creatures. Heat would make water expand and ice melt, so sea levels would rise, and that would mean coastal cities flooding, as well as drowning underground cities like Keldagrim. If it were to go unchecked, it would mean the end of dwarven civilisation. Human civilisation too. Thank Saradomin you stopped it in time.
    • How is the windmill doing?
      • Player: How is the windmill doing?
      • Brother Bordiss: Quite well, actually. It looks like my estimates were all correct and the wind here is quite enough to power Nurmof's machine.

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