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After starting Task 2 of Doric and Boric tasksEdit

Player: Are you alright, Boric?

Boric: I've just heard that one of our miners was attacked. 

Player: Who would do such a thing?

Boric: It was a living rocker brawler, the same type that attacked you when we first met.

Player: You think that wizard's behind this?

Boric: Aye, I do, he spoke about wanting to refine the spell. Would you clear the brawlers out of the mining sites again?

1. We ca't let anyone else get hurt.

  • Boric: Thank you. Take this note. It has all the mining sites you need to visit.
  • Boric: Oh, and please be discreet about my involvement in this. I don't want our workers to get the wrong impression.

2. I'm actually quite busy.

  • Boric: Oh, well when you want to show some concern come back and speak to me again.

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