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Before Tree Gnome VillageEdit

After Tree Gnome VillageEdit

  • Player: Hello.
  • Bolkoy: Welcome, welcome. It's good to see you again. The village is much safer now you have returned the orbs.
  • Bolkoy: By the way, I'm the village shop keeper. Would you like to buy something?
    • Select an option
      • What have you got?
        • Player: What have you got?
        • Bolkoy: Take a look.
        • Shop interface opens.
      • No thank you.
        • Player: No thank you.
        • Bolkoy: Ok, maybe later.

In possession of a Clue scrollEdit

  • Bolkoy: Hello! I take it you're here about the trail?
  • Player: Yes. Do you have a challenge for me?
  • Bolkoy: Yes, right here!
  • Bolkoy gives you a challenge scroll.
  • Bolkoy: Please enter the answer to the question.
    • Enter amount
      • 13
        • Bolkoy: Lucky for you, that's the right answer!
        • Bolkoy either gives you another clue scroll, or a casket.
      • (Anything other than 13)
        • Bolkoy: What's the matter with you? Can't you count? Try harder!

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