• Conversation 1
    • Barker toad: Ladies and gentlemen, for my next trick, I shall swallow this fly!
    • Player: Seen it.
    • Barker toad: Ah, but last time was the frog...on fire?
    • Player: No! That would be a good trick.
    • Barker toad: Well, it won't be this time either.
    • Player: Awwwww...
  • Conversation 2
    • Barker toad: Roll up, roll up, roll up! See the greatest show on Gielinor!
    • Player: Where?
    • Barker toad: Well, it's kind
    • Player: Me?
    • Barker toad: Roll up, roll up, roll up! See the greatest freakshow on Gielinor!
    • Player: Don't make me smack you, slimy.
  • Conversation 3
    • Barker toad: We need to set up the big top somewhere near here. The locals look friendly enough.
    • Player: Are you kidding?
    • Barker toad: Your problem is that you never see opportunities.
  • Conversation 4
    • Barker toad: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! (*Burp!*)
    • Player: That's disgusting behaviour!
    • Barker toad: Braap craaaaawk craaaawk. (That, my dear boy, was my world-renowned belching.)
    • Player: I got that part. Why are you so happy about it?
    • Barker toad: Braaaaaaap craaaaaawk craaaaaaaawk. (My displays have bedazzled the crowned heads of Gielinor.)
    • Player: I'd give you a standing ovation, but I have my hands full.
  • Conversation 5 (when loaded with a cannonball)
    • Barker toad: Mumblemumblegrumblemumble... (*Inaudible mumbles*)
    • Player: Well, that cannonball seems to have shut him up!
  • Conversation 6 (while holding a swamp toad in inventory)
    • Barker toad: Bwaaarp graaaawk? (What's that croaking in your inventory?)
    • Player: Ah, you mean that toad?
    • Player: Oh, I'm guessing you're not going to like me carrying a toad about.
    • Barker toad: Craaawk, croak. (I might not be all that happy, no.)
    • Player: I'm not going to eat it.
    • Barker toad: Craaaaawk braaap croak. (Weeeeell, I'd hope not! Reminds me of my mama toad. She was inflated and fed to a jubbly, you know. A sad, demeaning way to die.)

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