• Barbarian snowman: HAPPY CHRISTMAS! HO HO HO HO!
    • Merry Christmas!
      • Player: Merry Christmas!
    • What is the Land of Snow?
      • Player: What is the Land of Snow?
      • Barbarian snowman: THIS IS! HO HO HO HO! And isn't it WONDERFUL?
      • Barbarian snowman: Here, we can watch snow BATTLE IT OUT in the GREAT SNOW TOURNAMENT! Go on, human, build a snow warrior. Let me watch it destroy the snow rangers and mages.
    • You don't need to shout!
      • Player: You don't need to shout!
      • Barbarian snowman: Don't worry, human. All the hills in the LAND OF SNOW are protected against AVALANCHES!
    • I want to go home.
      • Player: I want to go home.
      • Barbarian snowman: HO HO HO! The revelry of snowmen is TOO MUCH FOR YOU, is it? Then away you GO!
      • You get teleported out of Land of Snow.

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