• Azalea Oakheart: Kaiolly! Blasted black ship! Shoot me down, why don't ya!
  • Azalea Oakheart: Sail back here and I'll kick your captain right in the gutuscretor!
  • Player: Hey there. You seem upset.
    Anything I can do to help?
  • Azalea Oakheart: Ah, thank Guthix! I'm rescued!
  • Azalea Oakheart: Azalea Oakheart's the name…gnome pilot and adventurer, at your service.
  • Player: You seem angry - who where you shouting at there?
  • Azalea Oakheart: So, I was happily gliding out east, minding my own business, when this nasty looking black ship shoots me outta the sky with its harpoon.
  • Azalea Oakheart: The thing damn near took my head off.
  • Azalea Oakheart: But worst of all, it ruined my attempt!
  • Player: Attempt at what?
  • Azalea Oakheart: I was trying to set a gnomish record for the longest glider flight with my old bird, Electra, here. She's shot to pieces now, though, poor gal.
  • Azalea Oakheart: I had some good winds too, was gonna fly my way out east and explore whatever is beyond this archipelago.
  • Player: You can always try again, right?
  • Azalea Oakheart: Ha! That's the spirit of an adventurer right there! My sentiments exactly.
  • Azalea Oakheart: Especially now I'm no longer stranded here. Thanks for the assist, chum.

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