Conversation 1Edit

  • Ava: I'm thirsty. Fetch the water jug, peasant.
  • Player: Did you just call me a peasant?
  • Ava: Yes. I am a queen, you are all peasants to me.
  • Player: You're my follower, not the other way around!
  • Ava: Pah! Then I will simply have one of my demon butlers serve me. Now where have they got[sic] to?

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: You must feel lost without your twin sister.
  • Ava: Hmm, she can get quite annoying sometimes. Always asking how her hair looks, or if her wings are sharp enough, or her horns scary enough.
  • Player: She sounds extremely vain!
  • Ava: Well, you know, it's not easy having a twin sister like me to live up to. My hair, wings and horns are ALWAYS perfect.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Player: How do demons end up being twins?
  • Ava: When my parents had me there was a buy one get one free offer on!
  • Player: I thought you were originally triplets though.
  • Ava: Umm, well, yes. Three for the price of one then.

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