4th Age, year 1724. Date unknown.

Entry 1

It has been five years since Lexicus and I first signed up with Bill to assist in his work. It pains me to be away from my Lex. He is deeper beneath the ground, but I prefer the temperature up here as I am used to the cold climate. I shall visit my Lex later in his library; I have gone starved of his embrace for too long. Bill claims we are digging toward the biggest magical discovery in the history of RuneScape, and, with what I have witnessed here, deep beneath the surface of the world my love and I left behind, I become more convinced every day it is true. I can only postulate to what awaits us at the culmination of all our efforts.

Entry 2

I have been asked to perform some peculiar tasks today - troubling almost. Bill has asked Lexicus and I to create various magical traps and obstacles on the floors of the dungeons above us. The reasoning he has given is to ensure progress continues unhindered from uninvited guests, but the traps and mechanisms he is asking us to build seem just as capable of keeping people trapped inside the dungeons as they are keeping unwanted visitors at bay. I am beginning to grow suspicious of Bill's motives. I will take my concerns to my beloved; perhaps, together, we can make sense of this.

Entry 3

Lexicus has uncovered a truth too horrible to comprehend. We must kill Bill. We go now to confront him, and put an end to this madness. May the gods protect us.

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