• Player: Arrav, what are you still doing here?
  • Arrav: too weak. This body is thousands of years old.
  • Arrav: Without Zemouregal's magic to preserve it, it will soon crumble to dust.
  • Player: Is there nothing I can do to save you?
  • Arrav: You have already saved me, my friend.
  • Arrav: I should have died long ago, but my mind was imprisoned in this lifeless husk. Now, my torment is over.
  • Arrav: What of Zemouregal?
  • Player: He still lives, rejuvenated by the ritual.
  • Arrav: Avarrocka! The shield! You must...
  • Player: Varrock is safe, remember? Zemouregal's last attack failed.
  • Arrav: is hazy.
  • Player: A man named Dimintheis wields your shield proudly.
  • Player: While his bloodline stays strong, so too shall Varrock.
  • Arrav: Ah, that is good...but Zemouregal will not give up.
  • Player: And neither shall we, Arrav.
  • Player: Arrav?
  • Player: ...
  • Arrav collapses and disintergrates
  • Player: Rest easy, hero of Varrock.
  • You receive 3,000 Prayer XP for freeing Arrav's soul.

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