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In Lletya Edit

After Mourning's Ends Part II Edit

If you have not yet met the requirements for Within the Light Edit

  • Player: Hello Arianwyn, how's it going?
  • Arianwyn: I am well Player, yourself?
  • Player: Not bad thanks, so what's the next step?
  • Arianwyn: There is always more to do, but I fear this time the challenge is beyond you. It looks like you'll need to do some work before I can task you again.
  • You need 69 Agility, 70 Fletching, 75 Ranged and 75 Woodcutting to start Within The Light.
  • Player: Oh ok, well see you then.
  • Arianwyn: Until next time, Player.

After Within the Light Edit

If you have not yet met the requirements for Plague's End Edit

  • Player: Arianwyn, any further news?
  • Arianwyn: Player, well met! No further news, I'm afraid. Our next task will be about seeing to that rockslide within the corridor of light. Once it's clear, we can explore what lies beyond it.
  • Player: Anything I can do to help?
  • Arianwyn: You've done more than enough for now, and you'll be the first called upon when progress is made, have no doubt.

After Plague's End Edit

If you do not have a crystal trinket Edit

  • Arianwyn: : Hello, Player! I was just about to return to Prifddinas. I just came back to check on everyone. What can I do for you?
    • Choose an option:
      • Can you give me another crystal trinket?
        • Arianwyn hands you a new crystal trinket.
      • That's all for now.

If you do own a crystal trinketEdit

  • Arianwyn: Hello, Player! I was just about to return to Prifddinas. I just came back to check on everyone.

In PrifddinasEdit

After Plague's EndEdit

  • Arianwyn: : Well me Player, it's good to see you again. How can I be of service?
    • Choose an option:
      • Ask about Lord Cadarn...
        • Player: : Can you tell me about yourself?
        • Arianwyn: : You already know me as a rebel leader, against the Iorwerth that was, but I suppose now is the time to speak more of who I was...and am. It feels as though I have been fighting most of my life. At first it was with my brothers and sisters. Oh nothing serious you understand - the standard sibling rivalries. Trying to prove I was better than them in some way. My brother Dai was always a bit better than I am at magic - one of the skills held dear. But there were none who could hold a crystal to my skills with a bow. I relished responsibility and took every opportunity I could to develop my leadership skills. Hah, I started from a mere archery trainer and then moved up from there. The only real competition I had to becoming clan leader was my brother Dai. I was mastering archery, and he was a master of magic. I drove quite a wedge between us, I'm ashamed to say. So on the day that they announced me as the new lord of Clan Cadarn, my brother left.
        • Player: : Where is he now?
        • Arianwyn: : I don't know my friend, I wish I did. Perhaps now that the clans have reunited, we might reconcile. But enough melancholy. Were there other questions you had for me?
          • (Returns to previous options)
      • Ask about Clan Cadarn...
        • Player: : Can you tell me about Clan Cadarn?
        • Arianwyn: : We are an ancient clan of defenders. We have guarded and protected the elven people for as long as I can remember, and long before that. Guided by the will of Seren, our arrows find the hearts of our foes and our magic shatters all but the most powerful defences. We are the soldiers of Prifddinas; its defenders, and - when necessary - its vanguard. Where Iorwerth flaunt their brutal methods, we exemplify subtlety and precision. A single arrow, in the right place, can do more damage than an entire platoon of Iorwerth warriors. They would be wise to remember that.
          • (Returns to previous options)
      • Ask about Cadarn skills...
        • Player: : Can you tell me about Clan Cadarn's skills?
        • Arianwyn: : Cadarn are warriors of precision and discipline. We specialise in ranged combat and magic. Were - Seren forbid - the elves to be drawn into a war, it would be Cadarn leading the fight - scouting ahead and engaging with the most tactically significant targets. Oh, Iorwerth would tell you they would be the backbone of such an army... But while they are the spine, we are the hands. It would be Cadarn making the surgical strikes, taking out the enemy leaders and striking where it is most effective. Let Iorwerth pat themselves on the back for being able to march out in force and die in force, whilst it would be Cadarn that would actually win such a war. With magic we can change the battlefield to our advantage, teleporting over terrain, enchanting our weapons or cursing our enemies. Skill, precision and effeciency. Our clan skills represent these ideals and we endeavour to use them as such.
          • (Returns to previous options)
      • ​If you do not have a crystal trinket
        • Ask about something else...
          • Choose an option:
            • Can you give me another crystal trinket?
              • Arianwyn hands you a new crystal trinket.
            • That's all for now.
      • More...
        • Choose an option:
          • About the Task System...
            • (Task System dialogue)
          • Bye.
            • Player: : Bye.

Failing an attempt to pickpocket Arianwyn Edit

  • Arianwyn: : As you are a friend, I will overlook your villanous[sic] actions just now. Pray you don't do it again.

Replaying the Prifddinas entrance cutscene Edit

  • Arianwyn: : Certainly, my friend. Witness once again the fruits of your labours.
    • (Prifddinas entrance cutscene plays)

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