• Conversation 1
    • Arctic bear: Crikey! We’re tracking ourselves a real live one here. I call ’em ‘Brighteyes’.
    • Player: Will you stop stalking me like that?
    • Arctic bear: Lookit that! Something’s riled this one up good and proper.
    • Player: Who are you talking to anyway?
    • Arctic bear: Looks like I’ve been spotted.
    • Player: Did you think you didn’t stand out here or something?
  • Conversation 2
    • Arctic bear: Crikey! Something seems to have startled Brighteyes, here.
    • Player: What? What’s happening?
    • Arctic bear: Maybe he’s/she’s scented a rival.
    • Player: I smell something, but it’s not a rival.
  • Conversation 3
    • Arctic bear: We’re tracking Brighteyes here as he/she goes about his/her daily routine.
    • Player: My name is Player Name, not Brighteyes!
    • Arctic bear: Looks like the little critter’s upset about something.
    • Player: I wonder if he’d be quiet if I just did really boring stuff.
  • Conversation 4
    • Arctic bear: These little guys get riled up real easy.
    • Player: Who wouldn’t be upset with a huge bear tracking along behind them, commenting on everything they do?
  • Conversation 5 (While in the arctic hunter area.)
    • Arctic bear: I’m going to use this snow to blend in and get closer to this little feller.
    • Player: I’m looking right at you. I can still see you, you know.
    • Arctic bear: I don’t think they can see me…
    • Player: *Siiiigh*
    • Arctic bear: So, I’m gonna get a little closer and see if I can rile ‘em up.
    • The bear nudges you in the stomach.
    • Player: Hey!
    • Arctic bear: Willya lookit that! Lookit them teeth; I’d be a goner if it got hold of me!
    • Player: You have no idea how true that is.

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