Conversation 1 Edit

  • Player: It must be so happy bouncing along in the air like that. Is it?
  • You are met with an elaborate dance that fills your soul with both a sense of wonder and the tiniest twinge of sadness.
  • This is all accompanied by a haunting whistle that sends shivers down your spine.
  • Player: A simple yes would have done...

Conversation 2 Edit

  • Player: Did you know you look like a tiny whale swimming through the air?
  • Animagu: Fawooool.
  • Player: Do you wish you were bigger, so you could belly flop and knock everyone flying?
  • Animagu: Faloooom!
  • The creature flops on your head playfully. It's marginally disconcerting.

Conversation 3 Edit

  • Player: How are you floating? Is it some kind of magic?
  • Animagu: Faroooom!
  • Player: Is... is that an answer?

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