After discovering all Arc berriesEdit

  • Ani (farming merchant): Human! I hear you are a master berry cultivator!
  • Player: Oh?
  • Ani (farming merchant): Hakase told me that you cross-pollinated your way to finding all 16 types of berry ever documented in this region!
  • Player: That I did. It took a while, but it helped that I have plenty of farming experience.
  • Ani (farming merchant): Your Musaberries are delightful! You even managed to grow Stoneberries, they've been extinct for hundreds of years!
  • Player: Extinct...? I just found some seeds and planted them.
  • Ani (farming merchant): Oh ho ho! So humble. Allow me to give you this experience lamp as a reward!
  • Ani (farming merchant): Tell you what, human. I'm also going to tend to your berry bushes when you're away and guarantee you a larger yield of berries and experience.
  • Player: Oh, thanks!
  • You will now receive 10% extra berries and experience from the berry bushes you grow.

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